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Play Arrow Word Puzzles

Arrow Word puzzles are a type of crossword variant. It has various different names such as arrowwords, arrow word (as two separate words) as well as things like clues in squares, or clues-in-squares, and probably more besides.

The last name is quite descriptive, whilst the first name tells you that the puzzle includes arrows. Whereas with a normal crossword all of the clues appear after the crossword grid is displayed, with numbers referencing each clue, with an arrow word the clues actually are placed inside the grid!

This means that the clues have to be quite short and concise, and there can be a real artform to defining some works really succinctly (and with others it is pretty much impossible!) An arrow is used to point in the direction of the run that should be filled with the answer to each arrow word clue.

Clues point horizontally or vertically, and should only point left-to-right or top-to-bottom, which is the natural way in which a person writes in words of course.

It is quite common for arrow word puzzle grids to have more crossovers between answer runs than might a normal crossword puzzle, and therefore more words tend to be fitted in a grid than with a standard crossword (with regard to UK style of crossword grids, that is). Therefore one may find some more obscure words and answers appear in arrow words in order to be able to fill the grids.