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General Knowledge Crossword Puzzles

General Knowledge crossword puzzles are a little different to standard quick crossword puzzles.

Whilst quicks tend to test your knowledge of synonyms and vocabulary, general knowledge puzzles also test your knowledge of various different areas, such as arts and literature, science, entertainment, sport, history and more besides! Therefore a good general knowledge is essential to tackling these puzzles, as well as, of course, a decent vocabulary for the occasional quick clue that is thrown into the mix.

With the general knowledge clues, there will usually be one clear answer, which is not the case on most occasions with quick crosswords, so do have a scan through first for any general knowledge clues that clearly only have one answer and if you know it, then place it in the grid, and use those letters to help you work out the answers to the other clues in the puzzle.

We hope that you enjoy our general knowledge crossword puzzles here at Play Crossword Puzzles!

Play a General Knowledge Crossword.